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Jergens Workholding Solutions Group


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Support, Locate and Hold

What started as a simple component-based business has grown into a full workholding solutions line that includes engineered products to help customers implement lean manufacturing programs. Whether you're looking for a full line of tooling and locating components, vises, power clamps or quick change fixturing solutions, Jergens has the products you need. We back up our products with a quality guarantee, and engineering assistance to help you with your application challenges.


Jergens World Headquarters

15700 S. Waterloo Rd.

Cleveland, OH 44110


Ball Lock® Mounting System

Quick and Accurate Fixture Location. The Ball Lock® Mounting System provides a method of quickly and accurately locating fixtures onto machine tables. Fixtures can often be exchanged in less than a minute and with position repeatability of +/-0.0005” (+/-0.013mm) 

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5-Axis Workholding / Fixture-Pro

Save time & money. Getting your spindle and cutting tool close to the workpiece without running into obstructions is a challenge on a 5-axis machine. Jaws and other vise components, and even the machine table itself, can restrict your access and prevent you from machining multi-sided parts. Your only choice is stopping the machine and repositioning your part...until now, with 5-axis.

Zero Point Mounting System (ZPS)

Fix, Position and Clamp in a Single Step with Jergens’ Zero-Point Mounting System. Jergens Experience accuracy, speed and repeatability within <0.005mm (0.0002”). This revolutionary technology allows you to fix, position and clamp in a single step, cutting set up times by up to 90%. Available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release, these positive locking locating modules allow operators to quickly change out large and small fixtures with extreme accuracy and minimal effort. It’s simply the lowest cost, fully automatic solution for quick pallet changing. 

Production Vises & Accessories

Jergens Workholding Solutions offers numerous Production Vises for Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, and 5-Axis Machining. Production Vises are an integral part of our Quick Change Systems that provide maximum productivity and flexibility. Systems available in both manual and hydraulic configurations as well as a complete line of jaws and other vise accessories.



  • 5 Axis Production Vises

  • Production Vise Columns

  • Heavy Duty Machine Vise

  • Production Vises

  • Self Centering Vises

  • Hydraulic Production Vises

  • Vise Accessories

  • Heavy Duty Machine Vise-Narrow Base

Power Clamping

Jergens Workholding Solutions Power Clamping products are available in both hydraulic and pneumatic configurations. Swing Cylinders, Staylock Clamps, Hydraulic Boosters and pumps, and other clamping accessories are utilized by manufacturers worldwide.

Power Clamping Categories:

  • Swing Cylinders

  • Cylinders

  • Clamps

  • Pumps & Boosters

  • Clamping Accessories

Workholding & Locating Components

Jergens Workholding Solutions offers a complete line of tooling and locating components for manufacturers — Clamps, pins, buttons, rests, supports, jacks, straps, dowels, bushings, pads, keys, nuts and bolts. Jergens meets all your fixturing requirements.


Workholding Categories Include:

  • OK-Vise® Clamps

  • Workholding Hardware

  • Tooling Balls & Covers

  • Clamp Assemblies

  • Grippers

  • Straps

  • Jacks, Fixtures and Work Support

  • Rest Buttons, Pads & Feet

  • Dowels

  • Fixture Keys

  • Bushings

  • Leveling Pads

  • Locating Pins

  • Modular Mini Vise

  • Clamping Set-up Kits

  • Toggle Pads & Covers

  • Others...

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