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Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation


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Made in the USA

Northfield Precision has been the leading manufacturer of precision air chucks and accessories for over 50 years. The company mission has been and still is, to deliver the most accurate and efficient workholding services around the world through our custom-manufactured, high quality, and American-made solutions. The company specializes in technical support that is given to all original equipment manufacturers as well as end users.


4400 Austin Blvd., PO Box 550

Island Park, NY 11558-0550


Precision Air Chucks

Northfield Precision Air Chucks, also known as sliding jaw chucks, are the benchmark for high precision quality, efficient, and easy to use air chucks. The Northfield Precision Air Chuck is extremely simple to load and unload and can be used by any operators. The jaw clamp force can also be adjusted for delicate holding, and extremely convenient for most thin wall work pieces. Once properly mounted, all Northfield Chucks, will automatically center your workpiece. If you are looking for an accurate chuck that can handle many different types and size parts, then the Northfield Precision Air Chuck is the right choice for you.


  • Max. Speed - 6000 RPM. Chuck specific - not all chucks included.

  • Repeatability (Max. Concentricity) - 0.0001" T.I.R.

  • Repeatability (Max. End Lengths) - Guaranteed accuracy from 0.0001" (2.5µ) to 0.000010" (0.25µ)

  • Weight - 2lb to 123lb

Diaphragm Chucks

Northfield Diaphragm Chucks are the most accurate chucks in the world and are the fastest to open and close out of all of the chuck types (scroll, manual, hydraulic, sliding jaw). They require no maintenance since they are completely sealed from any dirt or oil, and have no metal-to-metal sliding components. Therefore, their expected life span can go on for millions of cycles. All Northfield chucks are self-centering. And if you are looking for high accuracy, then the Northfield Diaphragm Chuck is the way to go.


  • Max. Speed - 15,000 RPM

  • Repeatability (Max. Concentricity) - 0.000020" T.I.R.

  • Repeatability (Max. End Lengths) - 0.000010" T.I.R.

  • Weight - 3.4 lb to 68.7 lb

Collet Chucks

Northfield Collet Chucks provide simple workholding applications for a variety of part sizes that require a significant amount of clamp force. Northfield Collet Chucks use the same adapter, rotary union, and air tube as our precision air chucks and diaphragm chucks. It is easier to change collet sizes and adjust grip force for different applications with a Northfield Collet Chuck than it is for most hydraulic style collet chucks.



  • Max. Speed - 15,000 RPM

  • Repeatability (Max. Concentricity) - 0.0001 (Based on the quality of the collet)

  • Repeatability (Max. End Lengths) - 50 millionths (1.27µ) (Based on the quality of the collet)

  • Weight - 7.5lb / 3.40 kg to 13 lb/5.89 kg

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