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Speedgrip Chuck Company


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Made in the USA

The Expert for Addressing Your Process Needs

The Speedgrip Group is the expert for addressing your process needs — whether you are a small, medium, or large production facility; manufacturer of a product, an outsource supplier, an original equipment manufacturer or machine tool distributor. We can service your needs with engineered workholding solutions for: turning, milling, grinding, hobbing, shaving, welding, balancing, inspection, fixture holding and your unique use.


Speedgrip / Madison / Cameron

2000 E. Industrial Pkwy.

Elkhart, IN 46515


Standard I.D. Chucking Mechanisms

Collets, Collet Chucks, and Locators for manual or drawbar actuation, as well as Between Center Mandrels. Also available are various Single Taper, Double Taper and Reverse Taper Collets.



  • Collet Chucks

  • Collet Locators

  • Between Center Mandrels

  • Spindle Adapters for
    Collet Chucks

  • Collet Actuators

  • Collets

Special Engineered Workholding Mechanisms

Whether your parts require workholding for high volume production or they are just special enough that the standard chuck won't work, Speedgrip's sales and engineering departments have the solutions to your workholding applications.

  • Internal and External Diameter Collet Workholding

  • Diaphragm Chuck Workholding

  • Clamp and Finger Chuck Workholding

  • Expanding Mandrels for Machining, Balancing & Inspection

  • Gear Workholding and Hobbing Arbors

  • Fixture Workholding for Tombstone, Subplate, or Pallet Application

Rotating Air & Hydraulic Cylinders

The New Generation of Rotating Air & Hydraulic Cylinders

Responding to customers' need, Speedgrip has developed a quality line of Air and Hydraulic Cylinders for use with their workholding and fixture equipment. Also, available are Collet Actuators and accessories for their standard chucking mechanisms.

  • Features:

    • High speed rotation up to 7000 RPMs

    • Higher operating pressure up to 1000 PSI (hyd) Directly interchangeable with most existing cylinder models

    • Enhanced reliability with accompanying limited warranty

  • Options:

    • Third port for fluid distribution

    • Tail rod

    • Safety check valves

    • Proximity switches/trip dogs

    • Special stroke lengths

    • Special piston rods

Cameron: Hydraulic Chucks & Arbors

The Cameron hydraulic workholding principle was developed by Gordon N. Cameron, founder of Cameron, to provide a simple, but highly accurate, workholding device.

The Cameron design utilizes the concept of metal flexing along with a patented sealing system for medium hydraulic fluid that practically eliminates accidental tool breakage, minimal expansion, leakage so characteristic of standard thin sleeved tools. Since our hydraulic chucks and arbors utilize a thicker slotted shell and a nylon expansion bladder, Cameron can offer the most expansion available in hydraulic workholding. Cameron tools are manufactured with quality to perform even in the most difficult manufacturing environments.


  • Simple, fast action

  • No moving parts, thus no concentricity loss from internal wear

  • Assured repeatablity, .0002" T.I.R., and unusual flexibility

  • Greater gripping force

  • Positive oil retention

  • Durability and accuracy for operations from rough machining to final inspection​​

Cameron: Sabertooth Expanding Mandrels

Sabertooth expanding mandrels are a standard, in stock, internal workholding system. The Sabertooth system utilizes a slotted metal sleeve which has a series of tapers, or ramps. As the sleeve is pushed up, the tapers (the slotted sleeve) expands inside the part bore holding it securely for machining.


Sabertooth mandrels are available in sizes capable of holding internal part diameters from .500" to over 8.00" in diameter, in single or double length designs, with pull back or stationary collet movement. Utilizing the most rigid driving mechanism in the industry, Sabertooth mandrels can be used in heavy machining applications with no part movement.


The unique Sabertooth system features the following advantages:

  • Uniform expansion anywhere on the sleeve

  • Standard repetitive tolerances of .0008"

  • Minimal distortion of even thin walled parts

  • Pull back action compounds gripping pressure and ensures positive end location (also available with no pull back)

  • Double length and single length mandrels are stock and ready for immediate shipment

  • Available with between centers, and spindle type mountings

  • Available with manual or drawbar actuation

  • Additional features

Cameron: Hydraulic Tool Holders

Cameron manufactures a line of hydraulic tool holders capable of gripping tools from one through five inches in diameter. Using the same metal flexing design that our chucks and arbors have used since 1959, Cameron tool holders have the quality, accuracy and dependability that has become a Cameron trademark.


Our standard tool holders have both flange and pilot type mountings. Other standard shank mountings are available upon request.


Cameron hydraulic tool holder advantages:

– Fifty percent (50%) more gripping power than 
   mechanical holders

– Runout .0005" T.I.R. at 5.00" projection

– Ideal for high pressure through coolant applications

– Guaranteed repeatability at each tool change 
   without indicating

Madison: Elastomer Style Face Drivers

The Madison elastomer style face drivers offer you a series of standard off the shelf tools capable of driving parts with an outside diameters from .270" O.D. up to a 4.18" O.D.


The compensating medium is an elastomer ring that each drive pin contacts. This allows the drive pins to individually compensate to the face of the piece part, even if the face is out of square. Face drivers are available with either Morse taper or jaw chuck mounting. Spherical washers are also available for each model number. Although not as versatile as our hydraulic type face drivers, the elastomer style offers the customer a low price, low maintenance alternative with the same high quality you expect from Madison.

Madison: Hydraulic Style Face Drivers

The new Madison hydraulic style face drivers have been completely redesigned. Featuring quick-change drive pins and center points, and greater tool clearance, the Madison face driver is better than ever. Madison, manufactured in the United States, stocks a complete line of face driving centers capable of driving parts with outside diameters from .270" up to a 13.57' O.D. The compensating medium is a closed chamber of hydraulic oil that provides the following features:


  1. Requires the lowest tailstock force in the industry, which means less wear on the machine spindle bearings and live center

  2. Equal penetration of all drive pins, unlike other face drivers which utilize driving disks or steel washers

  3. Compensates up to 7 degrees for severe "out of square faces"


Models are available with Morse taper, jaw chuck mounting or direct to the spindle mounting variations. Madison also stocks american standard spindle adapters which can be used with our flange style mounting, providing direct spindle mounting plus a stir-around adjustment for maximum concentricity.

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